Facetime For PC is one of the best and most immersive applications if you want to connect with someone. There is no question that it is the best video chatting option for people. From ordinary people to business professionals, everyone uses it. Apple has brought Facetime a long way.

This tutorial will cover Facetime for PC download. This exclusive and secretive nature of Apple leaves a vast number of people without Facetime. Facetime is only for Apple users. But what about the Android users? Well, there is some bad news. The thing is, Facetime is a genuinely exclusive product.

Is it Possible to Use FaceTime For PC?

Apple has a closed source OS so emulating also becomes difficult. Closed source OS is awful news since a vast number of potential users are out of the loop. Apple is known for its exclusiveness. Unless you own an Apple device, chances are, you cannot use Facetime for Android yet. But you can download FaceTime for PC. Its working and you can get it in few minutes.

You will find various websites and blogs telling you that it is possible to run Facetime on PC. Do not fall victim to such nonsense. These websites are often scams and viruses. The simple truth is that Android users cannot use Facetime on Android devices yet.

Facetime For PC

The application is only available on iTunes and the Apple app store. You will not find it on Google Play. So no, there is no Facetime for PC download. Do not try to find an APK as there is no known created and proper APK for Facetime for Android.

Due to particular applications like iMessage, Facetime, iTunes, many people have switched from Android to Apple. This exclusivity has given Apple millions of dollars in revenue. And that is why Apple will never let go of the monopoly it has over these fantastic applications.

Download FaceTime For PC – Windows 10/8/7

The functioning of application is exactly like in Facetime for PC. You should read the instruction added below for your help. Now you have to install Android Emulator on your Windows PC. There are many Android Emulators are available online, but Bluestacks is one of the secure and accessible. Download it from here.

STEP 1: At First, installing the Android emulator on your PC, Download the.APK file given here. Then right-click on the file and open it with Bluestacks to install the app on Bluestacks.

STEP 2: Afterwards, Facetime on PC must have got installed on your emulator. Then open the app, and you will be asked for your E-mail address, afterward, fill it and signup to open the app.

STEP 3: Now, you will be shown the list of contacts you have on your phone, to whom you can make a video call with the app.

STEP 4: Select the friend with whom you want to do a video call, and you will be their email address, then Click on the email address to start the video call. Or click on “send message” option to send a message to that contact for free of cost.

STEP 5: If you want to disconnect the call, simply tap anywhere on the screen. It shows you disconnect call button ( its red color button with a symbol of the phone), then Click on that button to disconnect the call.

You can share your Facetime for Windows 10 download review with us. It can surely help others by studying your comments. Facetime app is now trending worldwide and now it’s your turn to use it.

Facetime For PC Features

  • Simple interface, ability to use without any hassles
  • Encrypted and secure for people who value their privacy
  • The application also has a superb video quality. It allows you to have the clearest and most HD video calls possible on your device.
  • Facetime also has free of charge calling to any other iOS device. You have to be connected to the internet.
  • Facetime even allows you to mute the audio and to get a better experience with the call.

FaceTime For PC Alternatives

The fact is, there are several alternatives in the Android play store that users can avail. Some of these applications are better than even Facetime for Laptop. All of them give you the same results. You can video chat with people for free over the internet.


Skype has taken over the video chatting scene and is currently more significant than even Facetime App. It allows you to talk using webcam directly. Skype is a pretty good alternative to Facetime for Windows users.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts also allows you to video chat with your friends. Even if your internet is not fast enough, hangouts can handle it. It is a good alternative since Facetime for Android doesn’t work yet.


Allo is Google’s take on iMessage and seems to be doing pretty okay. You can use Allo as an alternative for Facetime for PC download.


Viber also allows you to converse with people anywhere via video call. These are the various alternatives for Facetime for PC. All of these will give you more or less the same features as Facetime. You can call anyone as long as that device has Viber installed and logged in. It even works for PC and Mac. It is also entirely ad-free.

Whatsapp Video-call

Now, this isn’t a strict video calling application, but it completes the purpose. It allows you all the features which Facetime does and more. You can call your contacts for free and have a long video call. It is entirely free as well. You can get the same features as Facetime on PC Download.

Facetime For PC

Is FaceTime for Possible Anyhow?

Some Android users may still want to use Facetime rather than these alternatives. The truth is, Android won’t be getting Facetime any time soon. However, Facetime for Android is actually in production as we speak. It will allow Android users to exploit the free video chatting features fully. But as of now, no release date has been set by the developers.

The application is still not out and will take time. Till then, make sure you don’t download an APK filled with virus. Make sure you don’t fall for scams either. We can hope that the developers release the Facetime Android app soon.


Till then, there is no real Facetime Android download. Android users will have to do without Facetime. We will keep you updated on any new proceeding in this area. If there is an APK release of Facetime for Android, be assured there will be a tutorial here on it.